Project Description

$1 M

The TransCanada Trail, from Fox Creek to Dover in Dieppe NB, was planned and built between 2010 and 2011. The TransCanada Trail organisation had made partial funding available and the Sentier de l’Étoile organisation had general trail concept and a drawing. I was commissioned by the Sentier the L’Étoile to build a partnership between City of Dieppe, Sentier NB Trail, TransCanada Trail and more than 30 private landowners who’s consent we needed to build the trail. More that 50% of the 4km and 4 bridges trail was to be built on waterfront along the Petitcodiac River. After accepting to join, the City of Dieppe commissioned me to manage the overall project from conception to construction. This also involved securing the funds, negotiating formal right-of-way agreements with private landowners and managing the overall design and mapping out of the trail.  The project was completed with 18 months. At the end, the City of Dieppe officials said that it was the longest segment of trail to ever be undertaken by Dieppe. They also claimed that it was the fastest trail project to be ever implemented from conception to completion in the City’s history. The project cost $1M.

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