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Over the years we have been at the centre of a series of highly successful and sustainable projects. When we take on a project for a client, we engage in it as if it were our own. We are straight shooters who believe that sharing value-added knowledge and experience with our clients is not only our job, it is our responsibility. If you come to us with a project that we think we can’t help you with, for any reason, we will simply not take it on. Our goal is to help you build the finest of projects. Your success is a statement of our own success.



Jean-Paul Desjardins has been conducting fund acquisition and project management consultancy work since 1994. He has worked extensively with senior executives at all levels of government as well as with the business and the non-profit sectors. He is a seasoned strategist, a creative force and a project accelerator. Over the past twenty-five years, he has developed and fine-tuned a support service to assist organizations such as municipalities, private businesses and non-for-profit enterprises in aligning multiple funding streams to design and build major projects. His company, Source Alliance, shares a wealth of project development experience as it walks clients through every step of the long-haul process of capital project development. 

Source Alliance’s work lies in the art and science of helping communities, private enterprises and non-profit enterprises build sustainable, optimal and well-positioned projects that contribute to the wellbeing of community life and regional economies.


At Source Alliance, we provide tailored and seamless services in philanthropy, sponsorship, government funding and project management. Our work involves implementing multiple methodologies and strategies to secure both public and private funding for the full implementation of your projects. We also offer strategic counsel to assist our clients in achieving projects from conception to construction.

Our past work has been in the area of developing and building multi-functional sports and community facilities, tourism infrastructure, low income housing projects, arenas, concert halls, museums, nursing homes and the repurposing of historic or old public buildings. 

We are always looking for specific approaches to each case & provide optimal solutions. We believe that every project is unique and the circumstances under which they emerge are unique. Our reputation is for excellence in the major capital project industry using state-of-the-art craftsmanship to help you take your project from a concept to full implementation. 

Your best possible outcome.

At Source Alliance, we are project accelerators.

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