Project Description

$30 M

I was first hired by the City of Dieppe in February 2015 to conduct a feasibility study to guage the potential for a major capital campaign. City officials had noticed how the project in Edmundston had come together smoothly and commissioned me to adopt a similar approach. At the time, the City had been trying to pull together a replacement project for over 10 years.

I was commissioned to undertake both the project management and the fundraising aspects of the project in November 2015. The City of Dieppe were excellent collaborators in every way. Both city council and the administration took great interest in the proper development of the project and made sure that we had everything we needed to succeed. The initial project budget was $25M and we were to raise $2.5M as recommended in the feasibility study from the private-sector.

When the drawing and the functional and technical program came in, City council adopted the proposed $29M project and asked the campaign cabinet to increase the fundraising objective from $2.5M to $4.5M. Federal and provincial funding was finally approved in June of 2018.

The construction of the UNIPLEX project started in January 2019. Grand opening is planned for Autumn 2020. After the bidding process, the final cost of the project will be $30,500, 000.

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